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Bottega Louie

Bottega Louie
700 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Macaroon Heaven!!! If you love french macaroons, you will adore this place in downtown LA.

I've only been here for dinner, but I've heard that their brunch is wonderful! Ofcourse that's on my bucket list to try one of these days and I'll report back :)

When you step in, the first thing you see are the french macaroons and fruit tarts. please start salivating. Then you see the chefs making appetizers while you put your name down for a table. Cant wait for the food!

Things to order:
  • Portobello Mushroom Fries - MUST!
  • Any of the Pizzas
  • Chocolate Souffle

One thing to's extremely loud inside of the restaurant as everyone's voices echoes. Be ready to talk really loud.



I love any restaurant by Roy Choi - Alibi Room, Kogi franchise, etc. Chego is no exception.

First, I have to warn you that the restaurant is in the most obscure area in the world. There is literally nothing around it. However, I talked to one of the original Kogi franchise workers and got the dirty scoop. Chego was originally a warehouse to hold all of the food for the taco trucks. It was where they concepted new items on the Alibi Room menu. One day, they decided to turn it into a restaurant and Chego was born.

Things to Order:
  • 3pm Meatballs
  • Pork Belly Rice Bowl - add tofu

I know I know..doesn't look like much but it's pretty delish and the best items on the menu. Everyone orders the Ooey Gooey Fries but it's too much for me..